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10 Gadget Tips to make life a little easier

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Here at Gadgethelpline, we are obviously spending most days helping people out with their gadgety issues. Today, however we thought a few cheap easy gadget tips that everyone can take advantage of would be in order.

After scouring the internet for your pleasure the following 10 tips should help out, or at least, give you something to do on the rainy days that are soon to be here.

  1. Tidy away those spare cables in a neat fashion that gives easy accessability and will cost you very little, just time and the smarts to save your old toilet roll tubes.

2. Smartphone speaker system. Not quite cutting edge but will still amplify your sounds to an agreeable level without distortion. Hopefully you have a few tubes left after finishing number 1. In which case relax and enjoy your new improved sound system!

3. Smartphone speaker system Mk2. If the original smartphone sound system was not entirely up to scratch then the addition of two powerful cones should pacify your ears.

4. Cable tidy with class. Update your analogue cables with this nifty little trick. The clips will keep them handy without looking unsightly thus giving you the freedom to enjoy your desk even more!

5. Hip looking Phone stand. Yes! You too can have one of these stylish phone stands. Big enough to hold any smartphone and decorated with the old cover of your album of choice.

6. Don’t throw that old wobbly keyboard away just yet. Remove the steel handles from some clips and pop them in place, works a treat!

7. Under desk – cable tidy. Easily obtainable from most supermarkets or ironmongers. All you need are 4 hanging hooks, a basket and you are set! Hook into place beneath the cable hole and enjoy the extra footroom.

8. De-fluff that connection. Lovely little tip here. You may have noticed that over time, your phones audio, USB connections collect up pocket fluff like its going out of fashion. Grab a paperclip, unwind it and strap some sticky tape over the pointy end. This should easily clear all debris from your connections.

9. Strengthen those weak cables. We all know this one. Most electronic devices comes with terribly planned cables, e.g. they break easily as there is no support for the connection. Find an old pen that you dont use anymore and extract the spring from inside. Once this is wrapped around the cable end it will give it the strength it needs to carry on. Also, for those who missed out, check out our Sugru blog.

10. Charge caddy for all your devices. Seriously impressive and your Blue Peter skills will need to be at maximum! Grab your empty soap bottle, cut into shape and decorate as you please.

For any other gadget related needs and issues check out the Gadgethelpline.