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7th-Gen Apple iPod Nano – Pics leaked online show camera is back

Have we just gotten another sneaky-peak at a 7th-gen iPod Nano?

An image has appeared online which seems to suggest the Apple media player could be on its way back, and if rumours become truth it’ll feature a diminutive 1.3MP digital camera – a feature which was sadly absent from the previous incarnation of Apple’s little wonder.

The camera feature and video functions were amongst the main draws of the fifth generation iPod Nano, but were surprisingly dropped from the sixth. But you did get a clip. Yes, of all the exciting technology which went into the iPod Nano – a plastic clip, however useful, took precedence over a camera!

The iPod Nano in this snapshot looks a lot like last year’s model and the shape remains the same, but spotting the error of its ways, and if this leaked photo is anything to go by, Apple has listened to the fans and ditched that lame clip and brought back the shooter!

If history repeats itself, some light should be shed in September – that’s when there’s usually something forthcoming from Apple about its new iPod Nano. We look forward to hearing the official word when it drops.

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Source: Apple.Pro