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Alleged iPad Mini mockup shown in new video

Now that the iPhone 5 is out of the rumour mill and into the real world, the tech world can return to that other long-rumoured and highly anticipated possibility from Apple: the iPad Mini.

Before the launch of Apple’s new iPhone we were hearing about a smaller tablet coming out of Cupertino, but recently those rumours have been left snowed under the fanfare of the iPhone 5’s launch and the issues surrounding the iOS 6 software update. Now the rumour mill has been kickstarted again with a video purporting to show a mockup of the device.

We’ve seen molds and other mockups of the new tablet before, but this one is slightly different, pointing to the previous leaks being Wi-Fi and 3G models and this one being Wi-Fi only. Older models showed a black plastic section, a part which Apple has to use on 3G iPads to allow radio signals in and out of the tablet, whereas this more recent leak seems to be missing it, pointing to it being Wi-Fi only.

Japanese Apple blog Macotakara, who has a history of getting accurate insider Apple info, posted the video recently along with some information. While the iPad Mini shown in the video is not a working device and is in fact an exact size model, it gives us a good insight into what Apple’s smaller tablet would look and feel like.

The screen size is widely expected to be 7.85-inches, although with the product supposedly designed to get people into the Apple brand at a lower price, it’s not expected to rock the same stunning Retina Display as the iPad 3.

Apple’s new Lightning dock connection is likely to be included now that the iPhone 5 has launched it, and this has been shown in previously leaked models and renders of the device.

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Via: AppleInsider