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Android 3.2 update starts to arrive on Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom was the first real Google Android Honeycomb sporting device and because of its early run it’s also the First Android Tablet to receive the new Android Honeycomb 3.2 update which will be s-l-o-w-l-y be rolled out to all Xoom customers.

Late last night (on Tuesday the 12th of July) a small handful of Xoom customers started reporting that the devices were receiving the 3.2 update over Wi-Fi with others said to receive it over the next few weeks in batches.

The actual 3.2 Honeycomb software is just an incremental update which will carry a host of security and usability updates under the hood and is thought to be the last minor update before the next Android Tables full OS version Android Ice Cream Sandwich, One of the main features of the 3.2 update is compatibility for the smaller 7-inch Android tablets (which should work out well for Galaxy tab and HTC flyer users) and will also include better widgets for the Music, Movies and Movie Studio apps, faster hardware acceleration and better support for SD cards.

The Android 3.2 update is believed to be one of the last incremental updates before the new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system arrives to save us from pesky Android fragmentation and get us all on the same page.

Currently the update is hitting the Wi-Fi only versions of the Moto Xoom but it’s probably safe to assume that other Android Honeycomb devices will be getting an update in the coming months to the 3.2 Android OS.

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