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Angry Birds Set To Hit CD Rom To Target A Wider Audience

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Angry Birds is nearing the best ever selling multi platform game with its almost half a billion downloads across, IOS, Android, WP7, Symbian and Google Chrome.  But Rovio are not content. Not yet anyway.

In order to get Angry Birds to a wider audience Rovio is going back a step, where as most things are changing to digital download the team behind angry birds are going to start shipping the Game on CD rom format bringing it to the few of us who don’t have internet access maybe?

I’m not 100% sure of the angle Rovio are trying to hit but you never know they haven’t done much wrong yet where Angry Birds is concerned, and with talks of a movie in the works it might just be a way of widening the audience, if it can get much wider that is.

The original version of the Angry Birds game is to hit retailers for PC on November 25 with a princely £10.20 price tag Rovio has revealed it will be followed by the movie-tie in Angry Birds Rio ahead of the Christmas shopping rush. Angry Birds Seasons is to land with retailers in early 2012.

Would you be tempted to pay over £10 for the game to put it on your PC, when you can download it on Google chrome for a fraction of the price? I’m not so sure I would but who knows the way the game sells is like wildfire so I can only assume the same will happen again.

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