Apple Announces White iPod Touch and New iPod Nano

Along with the new iPhone 4S, Apple also made a few smaller announcements for their iPod range yesterday evening.

Many were expecting an iPod Touch with 3G and the confirmation of the end of the road for the iPod Shuffle and Classic models. However, Apple’s Phil Schiller took to the stage to announce a new white version of the iPod Touch and a refreshed version of the same iPod Nano, both with price drops.

The iPod Touch is now available in both black and white, with the 8GB model costing £169 now instead of £179. Other than the price change and addition of a white version, that’s it for the iPod Touch range for this year – sorry folks, no 3G.

The iPod Nano will remain the same size and style but has received a few additions, mostly in the form of some new software, version 1.2. Apple has now built the Nike running application into the iPod Nano, meaning you don’t have to use those shoe sensors for when you’re running to track your distance, the iPod will do it for you.

The main change is the menu layout, whereas before you would have a grid of 4 icons per page, you’ll now have one big icon per page and you can scroll through from left to right.

After many companies caught on to the 6th Generation Nano’s size and shape looking like a watch, some decided to create custom watch straps to accommodate the Nano. Apple has realised this, and has added 16 new clock faces to choose from including analog, digital and even Minnie and Mickey Mouse versions!

The iPod Nano has also received a price drop to £115 for the 8GB model, and the 16GB version will cost £129.

Both are available to buy now from Apple’s online store.

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