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Experience an Apple iPhone for 50p Per Day With Carphone Warehouse

UK mobile retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced a tasty deal for customers on a budget that delivers an affordable bite of the Apple and puts an iPhone in your pocket for just £17 per month.

This means that for 50p per day (average) Carphone Warehouse is providing customers the cheapest iPhone tariff in the UK. Existing and joining mobile users on both the O2 and Three networks can enjoy getting familiar with an Apple mobile at a wallet friendly price with an iPhone 4 – a two year old smartphone which still remains a very respectable handset. giving access to Apple’s App Store.

The model which Carphone Warehouse is promoting features 8GB of storage  and is running the current iOS 6 software with access to thousands of apps through the App Store that run smoothly with Apple’s very own A5 processor. The iPhone 4 also comes complete with voice assistant software Siri, which it was launched with in 2011.

The O2 package offers 300 minutes of call time with unlimited texts and 500MB of data allowance for the month. On the other hand, the Three deal provides more call time with 500 minutes on offer, but with half the data at 250MB and also with unlimited texts.

This deal is recommended for first time smartphone users and those who want to bear the esteemed title of ‘iPhone owner’ at a fraction of the price– and at the rate Apple is firing these things out (and a few months till the iPhone 5S) the iPhone 4 is practically retro. And retro is cool!

The deals roll out on May 10th at Carphone Warehouse in stores and online.