Apple iPhone 6c / 5e Makes Appearance in Video

Rather than wait around till autumn to make a single deployment of new iPhones, Apple plans to pepper its smartphone releases across the whole year and it seems likely we’re going to see the first very soon – especially considering the fact that we’ve just had our first glimpse of a new four inch iPhone 6c.

The yet-to-be-announced new model – also referred to on the rumour circuit as the ‘iPhone 5e’ – seems to appear in the wild for the first time in a YouTube video showing its notable size difference but essentially it’s the same design as last season’s iPhone 6.

The 4-inch handset is speculated to feature comparable specifications to its full-scale predecessor which was launched in latter part of 2014 only it will be in a much smaller chassis. This means it should feature Apple’s own A8 system on chip (not the A9 which was previously rumoured) and the handset should include 1GB of RAM with 16GB through to 64GB storage options.

As far as features go, it should also rock up with all the recent iOS goodies including LTE/4G connectivity (including voice over LTE), Touch ID and Apple Pay. The iPhone 6c/5e is believed to be scheduled for a March announcement but official acknowledgement is, as usual, kept under tight wraps.

Apple’s decision to make multiple releases across the next 12-months may be in direct response to the like of Samsung which regularly churns out variants and special editions of its flagship Galaxy S handsets. This might lead to the kind of market saturation that Samsung approaches but, hey, business is business and the 2016 smartphone war is only just kicking off.

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