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Apple WWDC 14 to feature new OS X 10.10 complete redesign and iOS 8

It may be hard to believe, but we are fast approaching the half-way point of 2014, June, and what June means to the technology world is the E3 Gaming expo and Apple’s WWDC 14 (World Wide Developer Conference) both of which are scheduled for the first week of June.

The WWDC in particular is a big point in Apple year as generally this is where Apple get to the bottom of all its software changes and updates, and this year is looking set to be no different. However, previously it has been thought that apple will be focusing this June’s event on the mobile iOS 8 software, but reports to 9to5Mac states that the event will instead focus on a completely overhauled OSX 10.10 mac software.

OS X 10.10 has been codenamed either Syrah or Yosemite and is reportedly the Main Event of this year’s WWDC, and Apple have created a major redesign which is such a big jump it’s being compared to the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 last year.

The newly design OS X is said to be “steaming forward” and that Apple has been reallocating resources from the iOS user interface team to the OS X project to get the new software completed in time for an inevitable September release.

We would expect some design similarities between the new Mac OS X and iOS as Apple will be keen to bring its two software’s back inline, and the 9to5Mac leak seems to agree stating that the redesign will have a have a similar toggle design to iOS 7 with sharper window corners, more defined icons and more white space.

We dos till expect to see iOS 8 at the event too, but as last years update was such a big change, we expect only a few minor changes, So things like Healthbook, the updated Maps app, standalone iTunes Radio, VoLTE calling, TextEdit.

We look forward to seeing more in early June now as Apple will surely have some big changes for its Mac OS to battle the resurgence of Microsoft and its Windows 8 software.