Archos announce an Android Smartphone for your home

We’ve been contemplating an Android smartphone coming from Archos for some time now, and it seems we were almost right. The French company announced the Archos 35 Home Smartphone yesterday; basically an Android mobile phone which is configured for use with a landline.

It’s got to be said; we’re pretty impressed with the looks of this device, and it’s got us wishing it was a full blown smartphone. The design is sleek, rounded and smooth and the docking station it comes with looks awesome.

You can plug the wireless receiver for the handset into any ADSL box or phone line, and the handset uses the standard DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) landline protocol. The smartphone then sits on a sleek, curved back docking and charging station, away from the wireless receiver.

Unlike most other home phones, this one has a 3.5-inch touchscreen and runs on the Android operating system. With Android comes “access to thousands of apps”, say Archos, though we’re currently unsure if the 35 home phone will come with the Google Market, or a third party store as with some older Archos devices.

Above the large touchscreen is a front-facing camera, capable of 720p HD video. This surprised us, we have to say! So the home phone will be able to make video calls, but via a landline? Perhaps it will have Wi-Fi connectivity so you can use Skype etc with it, we don’t know just yet.

We know you’ve probably all been thinking it; “Android apps on a home phone? Does this mean I can play Angry Birds while I’m on hold to the bank?” Well folks, Archos have shown the device playing Angry Birds, so we’re assuming you’ll be able to get your fix with this device, too!

Angry Birds on the Archos 35 Home Smartphone!

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