ASUS Reveals Transformer AiO – An All-in-One PC That Dual-Boots Android and Windows 8

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ASUS’s ever-impressive Transformer range is about to branch out into a new area of computing, as the company has revealed an All in One desktop PC called the ‘Transformer AiO’.

Whereas the current range of Transformer devices are named so because of their hardware transforming capabilities – ie; a laptop converts to a tablet – the Transformer AiO does its transforming in the software department. This PC dual-boots both Android 4.0 and Windows 8, with the user able to switch between the two very easily.

The PC has no tower; instead all the hardware is hidden in the large monitor, which includes an 18.4-inch touchscreen display. The screen itself is LED backlit for plenty of brightness, and features a 10-point multitouch system to support all the swipes, pinches and flicks in Windows 8.

ASUS also says that the display itself can be removed from its stand, allowing you to take it elsewhere and use it as a wireless display for the PC part itself – pretty nifty if you ask us!

Windows 8 is the native operating system for the Transformer AiO, and that’s what it will always boot into. However, as with previous Android-toting Windows computers, there will be an option within Windows to click a button and switch into Android. It’s early days, but from the pictures we’ve seen of the device in action over at the Computex show where it was revealed, it looks to be running Android version 4.0 – aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

With the ability to remove the screen, ASUS has created a desktop PC that can also be used as either a Windows 8 or an Android PC. Once again, the company has cleverly created several products in one, and we want one.

Unfortunately the internal specifications for the Transformer AiO haven’t yet been revealed, and as Windows 8 is still a few months away from hitting the market, we haven’t been given a release date or price. Stay tuned for the latest!

If you’d prefer an even more portable Windows 8 device, why not check out the new ASUS Transformer Book.

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