Australian Retailers Stop Selling GTA V

Australia is very aware of the inappropriate content found in video games, with Grand Theft Auto in particular being condemned by the public there for content such as excessive violence and depictions of prostitution, and sometimes game of that nature get removed from shelves or censored in the country.

Today Australia is seeking to get retailers to remove the controversial Grand Theft Auto V from stores, citing ‘violence towards women’ and violence depicted in general in the game as the reason. The game has received the highest age rating in Australia that a game can possibly get, but according to online pressure groups and petitions, that’s just not enough of a restriction.

Ridiculous By Design: The characters in GTA V have very irresponsible, larger than life personalities. The ridiculous behavior is by no means limited to females: it’s not a game where you’ll find role models.

Target and Kmart in Australia have agreed to stop selling the game after a petition garnered a 45,000 strong response to the damning allegation that the game is “grooming yet another generation of boys to tolerate violence against women.” according to critics.

The main criticism of the game is that it allows players to engage in violence against women, and the depictions of female characters are often negative. It’s arguably a man’s world in GTA V, or so our experience of the game makes clear.

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It can be said that GTA V doesn’t include female characters who represent good values or behavior, that much is very true, but then again neither do the male characters… or anyone in the game for that matter. Characters in the title often display larger than life flaws and negative character traits, and it’s not specifically limited to characters of either gender.

Pants Down: Yes, it’s inappropriate, yes, it’s mildly sexual, and no, you shouldn’t give this game to kids. But still, it’s amazingly entertaining, if you don’t take the content to heart.

As for the issue of violence, it’s a tough one, since the game is quite unashamedly a free for all, players can murder and maim indiscriminately. There’s no bonus awarded for violent acts towards anyone in particular during play, no extra points are ever awarded for violence towards simulated women, or men, in particular. However, the depictions are there, and for some people it’s disturbing.

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That being said, the inner core of GTA V does heavily rely on depictions of violence, it’s escapism and it’s part of the game. It’s the reason people play. Some people may no doubt be offended, and parents especially may be unnerved by some of the game’s content, as the game is in high demand by increasingly younger audiences.

Creative Irony: GTA V even satirizes its own audience, portraying gamers and games in the same unapologetic light as everything else in the title.

In conclusion, the whole controversy is as always a very grey area. Yes, there are multiple scenes in GTA V that are entirely inappropriate for children, and yes, stores must bow before public opinion and attempt to stop the game being supplied if it indeed is making it into the hands of children. However, in no way does this mean GTA V is being made totally unavailable to Australians, and in no way does this mean that GTA V players of the correct age should feel bad for enjoying the game.

Via: The Guardian

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