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Big Mac OS X Update Brings iTunes Changes

Users of iTunes on the Mac OS X will be happy to hear that a new update will bring the program some nifty new features and shortcuts. The update, which arrived recently, implements a whole host of tweaks and fixes to the OS in general, plus adds some cool new features to the Podcasts service and iTunes Connect.

Updates include enhanced 4k display support for Mac Pro and Macbook Pro models released in late 2013, meaning that the newly enhanced 4k displays on these models will look better than ever. Other features include new fast reliable USB support for synching contacts and calendars from Mac to Mac without having to use iCloud. Oh, and you’ll also get Safari 7.0.3, if you’re into that kind of thing.

iTunes will be also be given an update, this being the most important point, and the update will improve support for podcasts, giving users a new Feed tab in order to browse episodes not yet listened to or re-download older entries at their leisure.  New Unplayed tab also displays unplayed episodes as a standalone bar which means you can browse the very newest entries form you favourite Podcaster.

Fixes for enterprise users of OS X include fixes for VPN connections which use the IPsec protocol, improving security and reliability of private network connections which use this feature. Additionally, PostScript Type 1 font bugs in Font Book have been swatted, meaning that interacting with SMB file servers, network home directories and configuration profiles will run more smoothly, and as a result will improve login speed for users.

Siri will now play you your new podcasts too. Just ask her. You can also save your favourite episodes for later and also automatically delete episodes after playback to save your hard drive space. Podcasts are big, after all. You won’t actually need the new OS update to receive these iTunes updates.

If you’re a fan of app development, iTunes Connect is also being updated, with a new system for allowing the developer to keep a keen eye on how well their app is doing in the wild. The service has been freshly redesigned and also allows the developer to keep track of their music, movies and TV shows they’ve released on the iTunes store too.

You can score this tasty new update via the Mac App Store, or via Apple’s website in the support section.