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BlackBerry 10.1 software update now rolling out to Z10, Q10 and Q5

The first major software update for BlackBerry 10 is now rolling out, gradually making its way to the latest trio of BlackBerry smartphones – the Z10, Q10 and Q5 – around the world.

The Canadian manufacturer has been working with regional networks around the world to ensure testing of the software is done fully so that customers can get their hands on the update as quickly as possible. Version 10.1 is already starting to pop up on handsets in the EMEA, Asia Pacific and Canada and will hit Latin America in mid-August and finally the US at the ‘end of summer’.

BlackBerry has made the update process much easier than it was on older models, allowing the update to be downloaded over the air using Wi-Fi and installed without the need for any cables. Your phone should automatically find the new software and notify you, but if you’re impatient then you can always manually check by going into Settings > Software updates > Check for update.

But what does the update bring and is it worth installing? Well, in a word, yes. Although thoroughly tested, BlackBerry 10 contained numerous issues and missed out some popular features which the company has now learned about and attempted to make better with 10.1. The list of new stuff is as follows;

Improved BlackBerry World

Finding apps will be easier thanks to an improved search feature, and once you find the apps you want you’ll be able to either download or add to a wishlist, which is another new feature. With BlackBerry 10.1 your installed apps will also automatically update when connected to Wi-Fi.

Better BlackBerry Hub

Rather than opening a message and then returning to the Hub to open another, new gestures (swipe an L shape on screen) will allow you to open one message and then swipe between everything in your inbox fluidly. Emails can also now be kept on your device indefinitely when using an IMAP or ActiveSync account thanks to new features, and users can quickly skip to the most recent unread message in their Hub by simply pressing ‘u’ on the keyboard.

More secure Twitter and Linkedin accounts

These two social sites now feature two factor authentication methods, making it very hard to hack into your accounts on a BlackBerry – simple, yet effective.

Improved Facebook

The user interface of your Facebook newsfeed has been updated to look much cleaner. You’ll also be able to create a new photo album on Facebook directly from your BlackBerry 10 device before actually uploading any photos. Finally, you can tag friends in images that have already been uploaded.

If you’re keen to find out more about BlackBerry 10.1 and what it contains, you can find a full change list right here. Updates are now rolling out and should arrive over the coming weeks and months.

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