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BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1 Tablet OS Update Arriving Today

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0, the much-anticipated and much-needed tablet operating software update from RIM, arrived little over three months ago on February 21st. Now, a tweet from PlayBook Product Manager Michael Clewley suggests that the good progress for the once struggling tablet will continue today with a further update to PlayBook 2.1.

The February upgrades brought new features and apps including native email, calendar and contacts – things which were noticeably and disappointingly absent from the gadget’s launch. Missing out on some of these crucial features may have cost the BlackBerry PlayBook a few potential owners after a promising hype campaign which built the tablet up as a true iPad contender.

BlackBerry Playbook 2.1 should start rolling out as a Beta version on our RIM multimedia-based tablets today, and Chewley’s tweet advises us of an “end of May” launch for some new as of yet unknown app additions (we’re still missing out on a tablet version of the popular BBM – BlackBerry Messenger). Judging by the date these new features should be arriving any minute now.

It’s understood that the BlackBerry Playbook will as be host to BlackBerry OS 10, which is currently being shown off on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha phone.

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