Blackberry Playbook to get Adobe Flash update

The new BlackBerry Playbook tablet hasn’t even been released in the UK yet, yet it has had a few software setbacks and today RIM has announced that yet another firmware update is on its way to solve a new security issue with Flash.

We are sure that Apple’s Steve Jobs is having a giggle at the issues Flash is causing for RIM’s supposed iPad alternative, but the good news for us in the UK is that hopefully we won’t have such issues, as the US market is doing a great job bomb-proofing the Playbook before our release date.

Adobe themselves has already updated its Android and mobile based software to support the newer features available on the Tablet devices, and the update will be to fix an issue with cross-site scripting vulnerability.

The BlackBerry Playbook will be released this Friday (16th) in the UK and new users will automatically get updated to the latest version of the OS during set up process so you will not need to search and download anything manually.

It’s not been the best start for the Playbook as upon its initial release the Playbook had a batch of over 1000 device recalled due to another software issue that rendered the devices useless.

From our Hands on with the Device we can say that it’s a good piece of technology which is in its very early stage but has great things to come.

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