Clash of Clans Revenge event see’s Liam Neeson unleash his Barbarian and Dragon wrath!

Clash of Clans is slowly taking over our lives at Gadget HQ, and just as the Winter update has settled and the snow has been removed, Supercell, the creators of the internationally popular 2012 freemium mobile MMO strategy video game, have  unleashed a new “Revenge” focussed ad campaign with none other than Liam Neeson starring.

Last week Supercell launched a limited time dragon and Barbarian & Dragon event, where Dragon and Barbarian based game troops will be training 5 times quicker than they normally would for a limited period only.

Supercell announced the Barbarian & Dragon event last week:

“Chief, attack your opponents with Barbarians and Dragons. LOTS of Barbarians and Dragons!!!
For a limited time, both units train 5 times quicker!”

This will add up to some interesting attack strategies for the game, as it drastically cuts done the Barbarian time to just 4 second to train and the all-powerful dragons train up in just 6 minutes.

The event will be for a limited time only, and afterwards the training times will return to their standard healing times of 20 seconds per Barbarian and 30 Minutes per Dragon.

Supercell are not strangers to adding a bit of Star power to their (Already) excellent Ad campaigns for its games, as adverts of Hay Day star Hollywood funny man Craig Robinson strolling around a farm. However, the new Clash of Clans Revenge advert is amazing, as it plays of Liam Neeson’s movie history (arguably his most famous movie role in the Taken franchise) and see’s Neeson plan a Revenge attack on another town hall.

Check it out here:

The ad features a complete riff off of Taken, and to hilarious effects, even featuring an excellent “Angry Neeson 52” song at the end.

Check out the hay Day advert below: