Draw Something add new Feedback, Facebook and Undo features

The SUPER popular Mobile game Draw Something is starting to strengthen its bow somewhat by releasing a few new features to satiate its ever growing fan base.

The latest upgrade to the Game will allow player to offer feedback on their drawing by allowing you to tap out a quick message, so if your friend does and amazing Ewok or disastrous Wizard you can let them know.

Draw something will now offer 100 character feedback messages for you to send to back to your opponent praising there artistic skills.

There will also be a much needed Undo function to save from this embarrassing finger slips on the screen and to not spoil your masterpiece. Which should enhance the gaming experience or help you cheat a little bit?

And finally Winning streaks are now no longer limited to 99 games, with the new target being 999 consecutive games.

Additionally if you are playing on an Apple device users will be able to share their disastrous creations even easier by buts a couple of clicks, by posting the images to Facebook and Twitter. This will remove the current screen shot system and will increase the sharing aspects of the game.

You can force your game to update by swiping down on the Create a game screen or update is available now with the app itself available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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