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How to enable Visual Voicemail on your EE iPhone 5

EE has launched Visual Voicemail for iPhone 5 users in the UK; a feature that has until now only been available to iPhone users on O2.

EE announced back in September of last year, when it launched, that visual voicemail would be a feature for iPhone users. As of today that feature is available for iPhone 5 users, but only those who are on a 4G tariff.

If you want to get Visual Voicemail up and running on your iPhone 5 then all you’ll need to do is text “iPhone visual” to 150. You should receive a text back from EE confirming the setup of the feature, and from there you’re good to go.

If you decide you want to revert to regular voicemail, text “iPhone visual off” to 150 to stop it.

EE also says that customers can visit one of their stores and have the feature enabled for them.

Visual Voicemail allows iPhone users to view the names and numbers of people who have called them in an on-screen inbox format, rather than dialling a number or holding #1 on the keypad. Rather than using your minutes to call voicemail your iPhone will use data, which provided you’re in the UK, will come inclusive of your monthly bundle.

The feature is currently slowly rolling out to EE users across the UK, although at the time of writing we were able to turn Visual Voicemail on.