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The Evil Within – Resident Evil Creator Returns with New Survival Horror Coming 2014

It was recently announced that legendary games designer Shinji Mikami – the “braaaaiiins” behind the zombie-filled Resident Evil franchise would be returning to the genre he helped to spawn with a new survival horror game called The Evil Within. With gamers now familiar the popular post-apocalyptic world of Resident Evil, Mikami has spoken about exposing gamers to a brand new horrifying experience which will leave their hands ‘in a cold sweat on the controller’.

The Evil Within is based inside the walls of a seemingly uninhabited mental institution, which has played host to a gruesome and bloody murder – which in itself would be a pretty scary place to go exploring! Throw in the disturbing direction of Shinji Mikami we can expect nothing less than a truly terrifying experience, filled with a whole host of mutated monsters and those body-horror nasties that only the Japanese do best!

But it’s not only the creatures lurking in the shadows that will be cause for chills. Mikami and his creative team at Tango Gameworks seek to utilise the new wave of next generation graphics to manipulate the shadows themselves and in a new interview with Japanese gaming source Famitsu .com the director states (via translation) that Tango will use ‘aspects of light and darkness that instinctively put fears into people’s mind’. This sounds just like the kind of feelings that made the classic Resident Evil so special back when it was released in 1996.

Playing The Evil Within we will take on the role of Detective Sebastian who is attacked at the murder scene and wakes up in a strange version of reality and speaking of the game’s plot Shinji Mikami reveals that it ‘starts out as a modern drama, then becomes this world where you really can’t tell whether it’s reality or not. You have situations that couldn’t happen in reality, so overall it’s a very mysterious and therefore creepy game”

And of course fans of survival horror games can expect the usual arsenal of guns and weapons to play a part in the experience, as well as a menagerie of morbid monsters to use them against when playing the The Evil Within. The Gadget Helpline loves a good scare so will be keeping an eye on this one until the game is unleashed in 2014.

If you haven’t already (and are brave enough) check out the teaser which features no gameplay footage as of yet but does include all practical special FX. It’s bloody good!

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