Facebook Account Now Needed To Use Spotify

As a part of Spotify’s new alliance with Facebook, the music streaming site has changed it’s login service so that you now have to have a Facebook account to use the service – much to many customers derision.

You’re offered these services not because of the charity of these companies, but rather because you have something of value that they want – your personal information.

Essentially if you’re not willing to pay for the service then social networks, new media companies and the like will want to use you as their customer.

In an official statement, the music-streaming service Spotify said that many of its users have already connected accounts, making it easier to integrate logins for the two services.

The move “seemed logical,” Spotify said. “We already use Facebook as part of our backend to power our social features and by adopting Facebook’s login, we’ve created a simple and seamless social experience.”

“New accounts require Facebook to log in and this is a worldwide initiative. To us, this is all about creating an amazing new world of music discovery.

“To make this as good and simple as it possibly can be, we’ve integrated Spotify login with Facebook login. By adopting Facebook’s login, we’ve created a simple and seamless social experience. Once a user is logged in they can control what to share to each of their networks from the preferences menu in Spotify.”

Spotify users have already begun to complain that they shouldn’t have to make their info shareable through Facebook just to use Spotify.

Spotify has not yet updated its FAQ page to reflect the change. Users with existing Spotify credentials will still be able to use their old log-in information.

How do you feel about having to have a Facebook account just so you can use Spotify? Are you worried about the continued concern when it comes to Facebook and your private information?

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