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Facebook Introduces “Interests” – Customizable News Feeds From Your Liked Pages

Whilst checking out your social feeds this morning you may notice that Facebook has introduced a new Interests feature. The Interests links is found in the left hand column along with your Favourites, Groups, Pages and Apps and by clicking onto this you will be taken to a new section of the social network where you can add subjects you are specifically into and those items can be arranged into lists sourced from your friends, subscriptions or Facebook at large.

For example, if you “Like” Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest – you can shape these subscribed to pages into a specific list, and call it “Heavy Metal” perhaps, so all these important-to-you updates won’t get lost in the News Feed. Once the list is made, you can access it by visiting the Interests link on the left column and bring up only the headlines and content relating to those bands in one easy to view feed, essentially creating your own specific magazine or newspaper featuring only the things you want to read. Once you have your list set up, Facebook will bring up handy suggestions of similar subscription which you may be interested in adding to your feed.

You can source what subscriptions appear in you lists by viewing categories such as Art, Music, Technology or even take from the page you friends are reading and this kind of resembles a traditional RSS feed or, dare we throw out this comparison, the more recently seen Circles idea on Google+. Now we’re not saying Facebook has been paying close attention to the rival brand, but…

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