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Free eBay listings from April – major changes to keep up with Amazon

Listen for the collective sigh of relief today from eBay users as the popular online auction site is offering up free listings to all sellers – 50 a month no less!

Occasionally, eBay will offer up a “free-listing day” allowing sellers to post as many items as they like without the site taking any set up fee, regardless of an item selling or not.

From April listing fees will be scrapped on any item, regardless of value or which of the ambiguous categories an item is placed under. The only slice that eBay receives will be the standard cut from any item sold. If an item doesn’t sell, they don’t get any of your money. This applies only to the first 50 items, which suits most casual users trying to free a little space around the house!

eBay has in recent years been knocked by the rise of Amazon, who’s service isn’t tagged to the same stigma of “cheapness” which often makes eBay just appear as a bargain bin for reject goods, when actually underneath that there are credible businesses trying to earn a living.

In addition to the free listings for the sellers, major changes are being made for the buyers, including ways to view and store items. Gone are the “Watched Items” and in comes a shopping basket style feature, similar to that of Amazon, thus allowing buyers to store listings and review items of interest much easier than before.

It would seem eBay are looking to seriously re-legitimise its service, but will a facelift and borrowing a few ideas from the leading rival take it any further from being seen as nothing more than an online car boot sale?

Are you an eBay seller or buyer? How do you feel about these changes? Let us know on our official Twitter @Gadget_Helpline.