Galaxy S6 Active Leaked – One Rugged Looking Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was leaked yesterday, we got what appeared to be our first look and today there’s another leaked batch of images, as always take with a pinch of salt as these are merely rumours, but I sure as hell hope they are true because this is one android phone I would consider buying. These new snaps are much sharper and appear to be official press renderings so it looks hopeful.

Considering the Galaxy S6 did not come with the previous models dust and waterproof IP67 rating, the Active model is a better choice for those who live life outdoors and enjoy putting ourselves and our tech in danger, it’s also great for anyone who’s generally clumsy.

The leak comes from a fairly well known source @evleaks and 99% of the time they are spot on with their information, so we can consider this as close to true as possible. There’s a white and a black version to pick from, both with a camouflage pattern on the back. I actually dislike the camo pattern, it’s the go ideology of its tough so let’s make it look military, what it achieves is to make it look childish. Fingers crossed they will release a plain version.

On appearance these handsets look a lot tougher than their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge counterparts, so we’d expect some serious water, dust and shock proofing on these models, while the specs are rumoured to be and should be similar if not the same as Samsung’s current flagships.

We’ve also heard they’ll pack a bigger battery, my one pet hate with smartphones is that they keep reducing the battery size to make smaller phones, it’s like they listened! They have most likely done this as the phone is designed for outdoor pursuits meaning you’re likely to go sometime between charges.

I’ve never been a fan over android handsets although if I had to buy one it would be a Samsung, but I have to say it’s nice to see Samsung putting out something so different and practically, My iPhone 4 has been through war with me and still just about runs, it looks like this could be its replacement. It should be out before the end of the year.



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