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GAME Offer Freebies to Pokemon Fans

Pokemon fans rejoice! To promote the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in November, GAME will be giving away Pokemon freebies!

There are several giveaways up for grabs throughout October and November. Some can be acquired as pre-order bonuses and others through purchasing a Pokemon game from a GAME store at the right time.

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Pokemon X and Pokémon Y gamers will be given an unlock code between October 15 and November 5 for a Shiny Gengar with a Gengarite Mega Stone, allowing it to Mega Evolve into Shiny Mega Gengar when in battle.

Other promotions include the Mythical Pokemon Diancie, which, if you play your cards right will Mega Evolve into Mega Diancie during battle. This again is available to X and Y players when purchased between 6th and 28th November.

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All codes are printed on the receipt and the promotions are of course free, so there’s no purchase necessary to attain them. The codes can also be transferred to Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire when they launch on 24th November.

As for pre-order promotions, you can expect to receive one of two legendary Pokémon figures: a Primal Groudon or Kyore, but only when you pre-order the Pokemon Omega Ruby or Omega Alpha Sapphire remakes with GAME.

So if those freebies and extras aren’t enough reason for Pokemon fans to get a wiggle on down to GAME then I don’t know what is!

Source: IGN