Google celebrate the birthday of Les Paul with playable electric guitar “Doodle”

Visit the Google search site today to check out the latest “Doodle” and strum a little tune – in honour of what would be electric guitar pioneer Les Paul’s 96th birthday.

It’s become customary nowadays for Google to throw up a unique logo graphic – or “Doodle” – to celebrate a famous event or, like today, recognise the birthday of someone influential in history and today’s graphic goes full out for the musical master – with a playable guitar Doodle!

A spokeperson for the search engine says in the Google blog “The electric guitar brings back memories for me of exchanging riffs with friends and wearing out cassette tapes as I meticulously learned songs”. Adding “Today, we’re attempting to recreate that experience with a doodle celebrating the birthday of musician and inventor Les Paul”.

Les Paul died in 2009 leaving a legacy behind him which is still felt in rock music today. Innovating the electric guitar he’s been credited as making “the sound of rock and roll possible” and his creations and influence are world renowned.

Googlers in the United States can also benefit from the handy “compose” feature which will allow every wannabe Slash or Jeff Beck to blast a 30-second custom riff – recording a copy of their treasured tune-age!

A great treat for music fans – and fans of the late, great Hall of Famer Les Paul – give the old axe a blast today on the Google search site!    

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