Google I/O: Google announce 3.1 update to Honeycomb OS for tablet devices

Along with the next major Android update Ice Cream Sandwich, Google also announced the first update to its Tablet-specific version of Android, Honeycomb.

With Honeycomb 3.1, users will be able to drag, stretch and extend their widgets to their own size. An example used in the demonstration was the Google Mail homescreen widget, which was stretched out using a tap-and-drag motion. With a larger widget, you can read more emails without the need to scroll. Nifty!

Google have also added “USB Host” to the update, giving users a much wider spectrum of USB devices to connect with their Honeycomb devices. For instance, Digital Cameras can now be hooked directly up to a Tablet running Honeycomb 3.1, giving you the opportunity to import your photos to the tablet without the need for a PC.

Mice, keyboards and even Gamepads can also be connected thanks to the improved USB Host functionality. Google even demonstrated an Xbox 360 gamepad hooked up to a Motorola Xoom, playing a game on-screen.

That’s all we were treated to at the first Google keynote, but with the update software now floating around the internet we’ll be sure to find out what else is in store for Honeycomb updaters.