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Google Nexus 7 Tablet, Case, Bookshelf Speakers and ‘Nexus Q’ Leak Ahead of I/O Announcement

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With under an hour to go until Google kicks off its annual I/O Developer Conference, the internet has pounced upon a few slip-ups by the search engine giant, discovering new products ahead of the official unveiling.

The worst kept secret in tech, the Nexus 7 tablet, was the first to appear, with an official image being found on Google’s servers. As you can see from above, it looks identical to the render leaked by Engadget earlier this week – black, slim and 7-inches in size, with the Nexus branding emblazoned across the back. This image differs in that it shows the homescreen of the new OS – Jelly Bean – which looks fairly similar to Ice Cream Sandwich.

The leaks don’t stop there though, as a mysterious device called the Nexus Q appeared in a similar image. These futuristic orbs appear to be some sort of wireless speakers or media centre, as indicated by the audio and USB cables connected to the back.

Furthermore, a case for the tablet popped up in the U.S Play Store shortly after the tablet made its impromptu debut. It’s a fairly straightforward affair with a hard shell to cover the back and a flip cover to protect the screen – price is £20.

Finally, a pair of speakers was added to the Play Store alongside the case. Speakers? We hear you ask. Well, a set of $400 bookshelf speakers going by the name of ‘Triad’ will be announced by Google later on today, and they’re supposedly to go with the mysterious Nexus Q media centre. The listing shows the speakers to weigh 14lbs each, with a range of 75Hz – 20Khz.

It seems that Google has more than a tablet planned for us this evening, and we’re excited. Stay tuned to find out the full and official lowdown as Google I/O kicks off in 20 minutes.

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