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Government Research proves Tablets are Harming the Laptop Industry

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There’s been much debate about the impact of the tablet revolution on laptop and notebook sales. Though there’s no doubt that tablet style computer devices will take over from laptops in years to come, many experts and bloggers are assuring the laptop industry that there is nothing to worry about just yet. The Government is now getting involved in the debate, and has just carried out some research via the YouGov website.

Though results show the tablet market is starting to take consumers away from the laptop market, the numbers are still relatively small with only one in twelve tablet owners saying they have purchased their device instead of, or to replace a desktop or laptop.

The research tackles this subject from an interesting angle. Rather than just measuring and contrasting laptop and tablet interest/sales it actually looks at whether consumers are replacing their laptops with tablets or running the two alongside each other.

The stats show that 11% of Samsung Galaxy Tab owners chose their device over a laptop and 7% of iPad owners bought their tablet for the same reason. What does Samsung’s higher figure mean? Is it a sign of the Galaxy Tab’s success or are Apple users more likely to have both a tablet and a laptop? I’m thinking the latter. The study also examined consumers views on price with £250 being the average price the general public would be happy to pay.

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