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How To Use Your Smartphone as a PS4 Wireless Keyboard

Did you know you can make messaging and typing on your PS4 much easier by putting down your controller and using your smartphone as a wireless keyboard? All you need is an iPhone or Android handset with the PlayStation App installed.

You can grab the app now from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS platforms respectively, and once installed on your device you can get the keyboard feature to work by following these steps:

Open the PlayStation App on your smartphone.

Tap Connect to PS4.

The app will search and soon detect your PS4 which will appear in the device list.

Tap your PS4 on the list.

Once the connection is made between smartphone and PS4 you’ll need to sign-in with your PSN username/email and password.

The smartphone can now be added as a device to the PS4.

Head back to the PS4 and using the controller select Settings from the XMB (Cross-Media Bar – or home screen).

Select PlayStation App Connection Settings then choose Add Device.

A code will appear on the TV screen.

Enter the code into the PlayStation App on the smartphone.

This completes the connection set up between device and PS4.

Now choose the Second Screen option from the PlayStation App.

Using the controller just to navigate open your contacts on PS4 and find someone to message.

Now tap the Keyboard symbol in the PlayStation App at the top of the screen.

You should now find you can enter the text using your smartphone touchscreen.

This handy feature can be used at any point where text can be entered and can also be used on tablets with the PlayStation App installed.

Another helpful tip from the Gadget Helpline!

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