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Ice Cream Sandwich coming to Nexus S soon

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Looking on longingly at he Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system? We don’t blame you. If, however, you don’t fancy stumping up the cash for a brand new handset or are still a way off getting your free upgrade, we may have some good news for you: an official update to the newest OS may be coming to the Samsung Nexus S soon.

Google has just released a test version of the port to a select group of its own staff. The idea is that the technical folks at Google HQ test how Ice Cream sandwich runs (in terms of speed and reliability) on the Nexus S before deploying it to the wider world.

It’s a sure sign that the upgrade is on its way, even if it does have some bugs to work out first. Ice Cream Sandwich is actually available now for the Nexus S among other handsets, but getting it requires a rooted Android phone and some level of hacking, which you’d probably be best avoiding. In this case, patience will prove to be a virtue.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the 4.0 version of Google’s mobile OS. It brings with it a more slick feel, speedier animations, an advanced task manager, better multi-tasking, a vastly improved sense of overall style consistency and novelty features such as face-unlock. It’s built to be a half-way house between Android honeycomb for tablets and Android Gingerbread – the previous mobile iteration. Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.