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Images of iPhone 5 Made From Leaked Spare Parts Appear

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Ladies and Gentlemen, what you’re looking at is very likely to be the final design for the iPhone 5, or ‘next generation iPhone’.

The purported iPhone 5 parts that have leaked and been pictured online have been collected and put together to give us an almost final product. The insides of the phone aren’t present of course, as Apple is probably keeping the most expensive and important components all to itself right now.

What we do have is the full casing, made from a rear panel that incorporates the metal band which runs around the edges of the phone, and a front screen panel. The device bears more than a resemblance to the recent renders made of the phone, and we reckon it looks pretty awesome.

This phone features most, if not all, of the rumours we’ve heard about the new model; a smaller dock connector, headphone socket relocated to the bottom of the phone, the larger 4-inch display, and a rear panel which is mostly brushed metal, with either white or black panels at the top and bottom.

According to this design the iPhone 5 will keep the same circular home button, volume buttons and mute switch on the right edge, and earpiece located centrally above the screen. With the same design cropping up now in several renders and real-life devices made up of spare parts, we think it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that Apple will announce anything radically different come September.

The rumours of a thinner and longer iPhone appear to be true if we’re going by this design, with a slightly bevelled edge running around the side of the phone.

The next generation iPhone, or iPhone 5, will apparently be revealed on September 12th along with the iPad Mini and iPod Nano 7th Generation. iMore believes that it will launch on September 21st.

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Via: Apple Insider