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iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner revealed ahead of September 10th event

We’re now just under 24 hours away from seeing Apple’s new iPhone(s) for the very first time officially, but no matter how close to a big Apple event we are, there’s always time for a sneaky leak.

No, we’re not talking about a quick toilet break. Numerous images of what we’re told is the retail packaging for Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iPhone 5S have surfaced at, a site which has leaked numerous parts and pictures of both Apple’s new iPhones in recent weeks.

The box pictured, which carries Apple’s trademark iPhone packaging style, depicts what looks to be the iPhone 5S running iOS 7. In some of the pictures we can see a silvery ring around the home button, which many to believe to indicate the new fingerprint scanner feature which we’ve heard about before.

The iPhone 5S is another of Apple’s typical bi-annual upgrades of the current model, keeping the same design as the iPhone 5 but improving in numerous areas. Asides from the fingerprint scanner we’ve also heard of an improved rear camera, the addition of a dual LED flash, faster A7 processor and the possible addition of a gold 128GB model.

The website which leaked the image has developed a good track record for Apple rumours in recent months, though we’d still suggest taking these images with a pinch of salt. The box pictured could very easily be an iOS 7 screenshot overlaid on an iPhone 5 with a little silver glint around the home button to create the fingerprint scanner elusion.

Apple’s annual iPhone event is set to kick off tomorrow around 6pm GMT and we’re expecting to see the iPhone 5S alongside the plastic and brilliantly colourful iPhone 5C for the first time. We should also learn when iOS 7 will be available as an update to older devices for the first time so stay tuned for all the news as it happens.