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Kindle Update Brings Layout Options and New Exclusive Font

Amazon has updated its Kindle software to include some new typography and layout tweaks. One of the latest additions means that more Kindle owners can now enjoy a brand new and exclusive font called Bookerly.

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Bookerly was specifically designed for the popular Amazon e-reader and was previously introduced with the 2015 Kindle Paperwhite released last month. Updating to Kindle software 5.6.5 will now install it on a number of other eligible devices in the range. The idea with Bookerly is to offer a gentler more readable font and a better reading experience on digital format that more closely resembles that of an actual paper book.

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Other additions in the Kindle software update continue this intention. There will be more customization options for presenting the pages and paragraphs so they appear more like print on a page with new typography and layout settings available. Hyphenation, justification and proper kerning like in a real book have also been rolled out for thousands of e-books already available in the Amazon store. Smart Lookup has been improved and can be brought up with a single tap of a word so you’ll never be left hanging on a sentence.

If you have a Kindle Voyage, Kindle Touch, Kindle 7th generation or any version of the Kindle Paperwhite your device should automatically prompt you when the update is available. Provided you have a valid WiFi or 3G connection it’ll happen all by itself. If it doesn’t come on its own accord hit Menu and Sync to give it a nudge.

We recommend checking the Amazon website for availability and update schedule for its entire product range.