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LG G Watch Gives Us a Spin in New Promo Video

LG will be launching its first Android powered smartwatch – the G Watch – in late May and to set up the South Korean co.’s debut into the wearable tech market a new Product Movie has been released showing off not all, but at least some, of the gadget’s features.

The video gives us a very good look at the stylish LG G Watch from all angles in glorious 3D renders. LG claims in the clip to be defining the smartphone but aside from trying to wow us with appearances like the metallic ‘timeless’ casing, sleek and lightweight design, waterproofing and stating standard facts such as its ability to perform sufficiently off a single charge and compatibility with other Android devices there’s no mention of the specs.

What we do know about the LG G Watch from previous reports is that it will run a modified version of Google’s OS designed for wearable devices called Android Wear and will feature a 1.85-inch display and full touchscreen surface and a generous 4GB internal memory. It’s arriving in a choice of standard Black or a flashy Champagne Gold finish if distinction is desired and which offers an alternative to the plain colouring of offering from the likes of Samsung and Google’s Nexus brand.

The LG G Watch is due to launch on May 27th at a London event with the gadget going on sale a short time after.