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Meet the ClamBook – An UltraBook Powered By Your Smartphone

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As our smartphones become more and more powerful, we’re often left wondering how many people are finding themselves using their laptops less and less. The latest generation of phones have quad-core processors and more RAM than my first computer did, so surely they can do the job of a laptop.

Motorola hatched on to this idea around a year ago when it launched the Atrix smartphone. It had a dual-core processor for plenty of power, and because of that Moto launched it with a netbook computer that you could dock the phone into. The phone acted as the power and effectively transferred your apps – email, office and more – onto a laptop with a keyboard.

Finally somebody has worked at this idea and come up with something for those of us that didn’t want Motorola’s offering, and it’s called the ClamBook. With a stylish aluminium design and silver finish, the ClamBook is as stylish and slim, if not slimmer, than the likes of the MacBook Air and Intel’s Ultrabook range.

Interestingly, the ClamBook uses the same Webtop software from Motorola, which means you’ll have a full browser courtesy of Mozilla’s Firefox and a full email client with Gmail. There’s also a fully functional file manager and various media apps to keep you entertained on the go.

It features a widescreen LED backlit display, 3D surround sound and full keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, and is insanely slim because all of the processing power comes from your phone. Both Android and iPhone can be docked and connected to the ClamBook using one simple cable, transferring your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection along with your apps.

The multitouch trackpad supports two finger gestures for pinch to zoom in and out and both vertical and horizontal scrolling. Three dedicated icons are placed on the keyboard for Android users, offering the standard Home, Back and Apps button.

While docked, your smartphone will stay charged and the makers say it’ll run smoothly while demanding the most from your smartphone’s processor. There’s support for the latest Android 4.0 devices too, so with something like the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the HTC One X connected, things should really fly.

The ClamBook will become available around Christmas time this year, and currently has no price. If you’re interested, then head over to to register your interest.

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