Microsoft to Enter the VR Headset Market in 2015?

There’s certainly been resurgence in the interest for virtual reality headwear in recent times, 25 odd years after the platform died out after a short lived fad in the early 90s. Compared to the now ridiculous looking headsets of the past that seemed so cool ‘back in the day’ the technology of the present are designed with great style and practically the stuff of science fiction.

New age VR gadget the Oculus Rift leads the charge after being snapped up by Facebook for $2-billion this year and there’s also Sony’s Project Morpheus announced in March and in the works which will bring a new dimension to the PlayStation gaming experience.

Despite being a little behind on the game, it now appears Microsoft will now be entering the VR market too – according to a report today from Digitimes citing a parts supply chain in Taiwan as its source.

The currently unnamed headset which is being developed the hardware team behind the Microsoft Surface tablet is allegedly due for a first showing at E3 expo next June and will be the computing and gaming company’s show piece for 2015. This will actually not be the first wearable device Microsoft has up its sleeve and its Google Glass rival called “Forteleza Project” is expected to be Kinect compatible but for multiple purposes, whereas this new mystery gadget will be purely for the gamers and will work in co-operation with the Xbox One.

No official word from Microsoft at the moment but we await some kind of confirmation now the cat is out of the virtual bag.