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Possible Microsoft Xbox 720 Patent Leaks: 3D Projection Environment with Kinect 2

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Microsoft could be getting closer to its dream of creating a sci-fi inspired holo-deck. If you choose to believe a leak from Patently Apple, the computing co. has submitted a concept design for projection tech for it’s much rumoured and highly anticipated Xbox 720, and using the Kinect motion sensor accessory with 3D glasses to create a deeper user experience through a 3D environment – just like in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The patent description from Microsoft (which has recently been pioneering the redefining of user interfacing) reads “Interactive media experiences, such as video games, are commonly delivered by a high quality, high resolution display. Such displays are typically the only source of visual content, so that the media experience is bounded by the bezel of the display.”

The imagery supplied with the patent filing suggests the projection would cover the walls of the room and be beamed out from the Kinect device. It would be visible only using the speculated Kinect 3D specs, which have not yet officially been confirmed, but the project has been referred to with the codename of ‘Forteleza’.

The graphics provided to support the patent show a player stood in a gun-holding pose, aiming at the screen while surrounded by secondary scenery projected onto the walls, giving the user the perception that he or she is actually ‘in the game’. These images won’t be as sharp as the images played out on screen but they will definitely add a new dimension to gaming and the intention seems to be blocking out any ‘real-life’ distractions.

The details continue: “Even when focused on the display, the user may perceive architectural and decorative features of the room the display is in via the user’s peripheral vision. Such features are typically out of context with respect to the displayed image, muting the entertainment potential of the media experience.”

“Further, because some entertainment experiences engage the user’s situational awareness, the ability to perceive motion and identify objects in the peripheral environment (i.e., in a region outside of the high resolution display) may intensify the entertainment experience.”

We’re treating this one as rumour, but it poses exciting potential for the future of gaming and the Gadget Helpline knows we have a great gamer following so we will be following any developments on this story.

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Source: Patently Apple