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Motorola MotoKey goes live – Social savvy pocket pal for young mobile owners

Motorola has just outted the MotoKey – a simple and social mobile phone aimed at casual users and youngsters and coming with a dedicated Facebook key.

The new preview page on Motorola’s website reveals the new pocket pal running on a simplistic operating system. With a lowly 64MB of RAM, the MotoKey Social won’t wow the hardened tech aficionado but in the hands of a first time mobile owner this is just the ticket and on the surface it kind of resembles something from the current teen-popular BlackBerry range, with combination of touchscreen and QWERTY pad, so that’s also a point on the plus side for parents searching for an affordable alternative to an Android or iPhone gadget, or for the technophobe who likes to keep things easy.

The website goes on to detail the MotoKey Social’s QVGA screen with 320×240 resolution and generous range of media playback features which include FM Radio. There’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity and, of course, those all important social apps for Twitter and Facebook as well as quick access to text and email – with that one click Facebook connection via the QWERTY keyboard.

Motorola gives no details on pricing, but we’d imagine this one would fit any budget and fit in somewhere alongside Nokia’s 555 Blue in the teen choice range.

More spec info can be found on the Motorola MotoKey Social website.

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