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Mozilla names and shames annoying add-ons for Firefox

Mozilla has published a list which names and shames developers whose clunky add-ons are affecting the performance of its Firefox web browser (recently launched in its 4th version) – and it’s quite a list, including no less than 50 dawdling downloads.

A weekly performance check on the 100 most-used Firefox apps and tack-on toolbars is set to separate poorly performing plug-ins and troublesome third-party software to put them in a kind of backwards leaderboard featuring the top 10 must-avoid add-ons and the ones that make the Mozilla internet browser so sluggishly slow.

At the top of the list right now is language translation add-on FoxLingo, which is reported to make web-surfing through the Mozilla browser up to 74% slower than the expected run speed. Others dragging down the browser are the over-ambitiously titled Download Helper and FastestFox. That’s a massive slow-down, and could explain why your Firefox often just chugs along or refuses to boot up entirely.

Mozilla is on the case however, covering both angles. Firstly approaching add-on developers and providing speed and efficiency testing, and also beginning work on further ways for Firefoxers to customize their add-on settings or opt not to install certain parts of bundled software downloads – those instances where you would, for example, download a worthwhile app but also receive something like a toolbar upgrade or similar trash that you really don’t need or want.

The useful list compiled by Mozilla details the add-ons by name, developer and includes a graphic of how much slower the software makes your browsing and start-up speed. Firefox users can check out the list of offending add-ons for themselves now on the Mozilla website.

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