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New MS Office 16 Version Leaked

Whilst Microsoft has been busy getting the Windows 9 technical Preview ironed out and ready for their event on September the 30th, sneaky beta testers have been having their leaky way with Microsoft’s other big earning project, the latest version of Office, Office 16.

The leaked image (possibly) showing the new Powerpoint in action. Image Credit: The Verge.

The next generation program was distributed to testers and Microsoft partners very recently, and obviously someone got a bit carried away and leaked screenshots of the popular business app to the media.

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Screenshots and info on the Office Technical Preview were leaked yesterday to The Verge, showing off the new user interface. There is also speculation that the ‘Tell Me’ helper, an ‘Office helper’ similar to the oft-hated Clippy paperclip assistant, will be ported into Office 16 from the Office Online app.

The new user interface theme is darker and more modern than previous versions, and apparently was the most requested feature to go into the new version of Office, according to sources. The theme first came about in Office 2010, its darker, less bright appearance much easier on the eyes than the standard white appearance of Office. It can be selected as an alternative to the usual white and dark grey themes.

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As for the interface itself, the standard Office Ribbon remains, featuring all those handy tools and buttons the user requires across the top of the screen, there are few changes here. It seems to contain no more or no less buttons than before.

Excel (possibly) in the new version of Office. Image Credit: The Verge.

It seems that there aren’t many major changes coming in Office 16, but what we can say for sure is once the program is released it will set the standard for features to be ported to the online Office counterpart by Microsoft, Office 365.

We should see a technical preview of Office 16, potentially labeled as Office 2015, on the 30th at Microsoft’s Windows event. Fans should also be on the look out for the latest version of Windows 9, the ‘Threshold’ public beta, and a host of other as yet unannounced Microsoft projects and business plans that are on their way. We’ll get the coverage up as soon as we can on the day.

Source: The Verge

Via: Techradar