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Netflix Trailers for Marvel’s Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders Debut at SDCC

Following on the highly successful heels of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the next three series in the Marvel/Netflix line-up have been announced with exciting debut trailers hitting SDCC on its preview night.

Teasers for shows based on Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders all made an impact at the annual comic and entertainment show in San Diego, and were made available for public viewing on the Netflix US & Canada YouTube channel shortly afterwards – and we are very, very excited.

Luke Cage will continue the story of the super-strong title character who is impervious to pain and who made his first on screen appearance in the Jessica Jones series and will feature in his own series when all episodes launch on Netflix on September 20th.

Iron Fist will introduce a new character to the Marvel Cinematic / Television Universe, a cult favourite in the comics, the alter ego of Danny Rand – a hero who commands a mystic and ancient force called, you guessed it – The Iron Fist.

The third of the trio of trailers is for The Defenders which, similar to The Avengers, collects this less than colourful and family-friendly band of Marvel/Netflix heroes into one team. Despite no footage of the show, the tease is really cool, combining bits of each characters logo to form the word “DEFEND”. Both Iron Fist and The Defenders are set to stream in 2017 with official dates to be announced.

A “sizzle reel” highlighting Daredevil seasons one and two and Jessica Jones season one was also released which also features a sample of the upcoming Luke Cage series.

Whether or not it’s an intentional tease, there’s a lingering shot of fan favourite Frank Castle walking into action at the end of the sizzle reel. Can this be taken as a hint that the rumoured The Punisher series will be officially announced this weekend at SDCC – we certainly hope so!

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