Nintendo 3DS gets a £50 price drop

It would seem that Nintendo’s 3DS console is on a bit of a bumpy road as UK gaming retailer Game has announced that it will be slashing the price of Nintendo’s latest console by a massive £50 just a few weeks after its release.

The Nintendo 3DS was received well by critics and the general public before the console’s release, but the weeks following its very hyped launch things were not so rosy, as a few big name Newspapers stated that 3DS users were suffering a series of health scares following use of the device, with headaches, nausea, eyestrain and vomiting reported to be common.

Weeks after the console’s release it was revealed that the 3DS was being outsold by its predecessor the DSi… so things aren’t going so well for Nintendo.

So the news that Game Stores have lowered the console down from its initial RRP of £229.99 down to just £179.99 isn’t really a huge shock, but undoubtedly will annoy some of the early adopters that bought the console for full price.

Nintendo has sold 303,000 3DS units across Europe and 113,000 units in the UK during the first two days on sale, but sales have declined considerably since then. Some are attributing this to the poor selection of release day games (and the release of a the latest in the huge Pokemon franchise for the DSi didn’t help).

What we can be sure of is that Nintendo are in this for the long haul as usual so once the games start coming the sales will increase. So Nintendo… if you are reading this: GIVE US ZELDA!



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