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Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 handset images leaked

A leaked photo from a twitter user (@evleaks ) appears to have revealed what the new range of Nokia Windows Phone 8 sporting smartphones will look like ahead of the Nokia/Microsoft press announcement that is coming on September the 5th.

At next weeks Nokia World Summit we are expected to see a host of new Windows 8 enabled smartphones and by the looks of the leaked images that will follow on in the colourful styled footsteps of the previous Lumia range of smartphones.

The images reportedly show the Nokia Lumia 920 on the left and the Lumia 820 on the right both of which have rumoured features.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is rumoured to be a 4.5 inch displayed smartphone which will feature the Nokia “PureView” display plus it is rumoured to hold the 41-megapixel camera that was also seen on Nokia’s failed 808 Purview Symbian smartphone.

Lumia 820 is rumoured to sport a 4.3-inch display but there is no news on if the phone will feature the whopping camera or a more scaled down version. What is assumed though is that both devices will feature the new Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system that is a next gen update to the current Windows Phone 7 OS that is on the Lumia phones.

The new OS will be first getting a PC launch on the 26th of October with rumours stating that the Phone OS will come a few weeks later, but with Nokia being the firm favourites to release the first WP* smartphones we should see the 920 and 820 soon after the release.

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