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Nokia Lumia 920: New Phone, New Extras – Wireless Charging & Audio Accessories

The Nokia World event has well and truly kicked off with the New York arrival of WP8 super-smartphone the Lumia 920 in a selection of funky colours. The gadget itself boasts 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, a curved touchscreen display measuring a generous 4.5” with super sharp PureView camera tech thrown in and innovative wireless capabilities including a charging feature akin to the HP Pre with Touchstone and Android rival the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Now the Nokia Lumia 920 is out of the bag we’re sure you’re curious as to what extras you can snap up to compliment the new mobile when it hits shelves (presumed to be in October). Let us enlighten you on some of the top offerings for the new flagship Lumia which make the best of its wireless tech for powering up and some cool peripherals for music fans.

We’ll start with the fairly basic and straight forward Nokia Charging Plate which features a reasonably compact plate but a surface generous enough on which to lay your new Lumia 920. Your phone doesn’t even need to be wired up to anything else – just plop it on there for a quick boost. The Charging Plate has a light indicator which lets you know when your Windows Phone has reached maximum power, and this one comes in a range of colours to suit the tone of your Lumia – or mix and match!

If you want something a little more advanced with a view to multi-tasking, the Nokia Charging Stand is the perfect perch for the Lumia 920 smartphone. Positioning your mobile in an upward sitting position, this one allows the display to be poised for versatile uses such as hands-free Skype calling whilst the phone gets a healthy charge. It even features a design that increases the volume for video calls and media playing whilst the Lumia 920 is sat in the dock. Again, there’s no wire here between phone and base, only one connecting the Nokia Charging Stand to a power source.

When business time is over a laid back power-up is on offer from the Wireless Charging Pillow from Fatboy. Providing a soft surface for your Lumia 920, it comes in a selection of colours to match your mobile and features a unique and fun design with a sizeable cushioned area, so that when you put your head down for a well-deserved rest your smartphone can get a refreshing nap too!

Audio co. JBL have provided some sweet speakers for music lovers to make the most of their Nokia Lumia 920. Using that NFC connectivity the PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker allows audio to be accessed at a touch of the Windows Phone’s display just by laying it down on top. It’ll give the Lumia a nice charge while it’s blasting the beats and it’s incredibly quick and easy to set up.

These speakers will also come in a portable version also from JBL called the PlayUp. The smaller siblings benefit from a compact design and connectivity through Bluetooth also offering a similar wireless audio experience but without the charging feature. A range of colours are available once more featuring all the funky flavours of the latest and greatest Lumia.

Breaking cover a couple days ahead of the big Nokia event this week were these cool Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headsets made by the music maestros at Monster. Finally official, these noise cancelling headsets come in a choice of colours with noise reduction tech and are designed to work wired or wirelessly via Bluetooth in synchronicity with Windows Phone 8, keeping all your tunes uninterrupted by the outside world.

As with the Nokia Lumia 920 phone itself, all these goodies are awaiting a confirmed date and price, but with the new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating software arriving this October we don’t think we’ll have long to wait. Will you be upgrading to the new Lumia? We’d like to know which of these cool extras you’ll be connecting to with your smartphone, so let us know.

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