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Nokia Symbian ‘Anna’ update for N8, E7, C7 and C6-01 coming soon

Nokia Symbian has been on its deathbed for some time now, but you would be wrong if you thought the operating system is down and out, As Nokia has announced a new Symbian Software update codenamed Anna for its top Symbian OS Phones.

Nokia has recently been jumping on the Windows Phone 7 OS bandwagon pretty sharpish but they apparently have not forgotten the Symbian software that built their success.

The ‘Anna’ update will bring a few key changes to the Symbian handsets including real homescreen scrolling, a new overhauled browser, QWERTY onscreen keyboard in portrait orientation as well as updated screen icons.

Nokia has will also be refreshing its Nokia Ovi Maps software with an updated predictive search and new map Tweaks to keep it fresh for its users.

Nokia's Symbian^3 handset range all to get 'Anna' update

Nokia will be releasing updates for the N8, E7, C7 and C6-01 (all Symbian^3 handsets) over the coming months and the forthcoming X7 and E6 devices will ship with Anna preloaded.

‘Anna’ is looking set to be the first update in a series of updates for the Symbian OS.

Can Nokia save its Symbian handsets with the ‘Anna’ update? Let us know on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.