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OMbra Smart Bra Leads Wearable Fitness Tech into 2016

In 2015 fitness tracking tech really came to the forefront with a wide selection of wearables hitting the market. This year seems to be no different and leading the pack is a company called OMsignal which has been developing a smart sports bra.

The OMBra as its known will be released this spring and its maker has actually been tweaking the idea for several years. However its first product released was a Smart Shirt which is made of a smart textile fabric that monitors performance and reports it to the OM Smart Box.

The OM Smart Box is a small device that fits against the body discretely and sends its findings via Bluetooth to the OM Run app which translates all the data into information such as calories burned, steps taken and heart rate.

Not only is the OM Smart Shirt a fitness monitor but it’s also designed for comfort and performance and utilises a compression fit, moisture management to keep the sweat from damaging the gadgetry and is machine washable. You’ll want to keep the OM Smart Box out of the tumble dryer though.

The same concept applies with the OMBra which is fully adjustable to suit the supportive and comfort needs of the wearer, as well as featuring a bio-mechanic approach and a functional sports design, which the company states it was lacking before, hence the delay in commercially launching the product.

The bra will record movement during exercise and detect fatigue through motion and is really very clever and OM says the ‘head-turning’ smart bra is the product of much study, science and engineering. It all sounds pretty serious but we’re sure the research team had a blast too!

The new OMbra is due to go on sale this spring costing around $150. Find out more about the OM range at