Levitating Om/One Speaker Launching Soon

Crowdfunding has brought some amazing concepts into reality, as anyone can fund projects that appeal to them whenever they want. It’s becoming one of the best ways to get your idea funded and on the market, and in the case of the Om/One levitating Bluetooth speaker, this strategy has indeed paid off.

The speaker itself was originally posted with an $100,000 goal, but the concept has attracted over three times the required funding, bringing in a staggering $336,088 from just 1435 backers at the time of writing.

Prototype versions of the Om/One in development.

The speaker system brings the sound by using electromagnets to make a ball shaped speaker levitate above its cradle using electromagnets, with creator Om Audio claiming that the rechargeable device should have a battery life of around 15 hours.

Pairing two of the devices together is also enabled, meaning with a pair of these amazing speakers, you can generate true stereo sound with the Om/One’s high quality speaker. The product also includes a microphone, according to the designer, and can be used as a stylish speaker phone as well as a music player.

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Not only is it a fantastic oddity and amazing to look at, but the speaker offers impressive options for users, with three colours to choose from, black, white, and, the coolest of all, disco ball. Here’s a video from the developers explaining their project, plus some cool renders of the device and footage of prototypes.

The levitating disco ball option is probably the coolest part of the Om/One, meaning that with a little spinning you can fully utilise the product to project sparky lights as well as play music.

The disco ball version of the Om/One – Shut up and take my money!

The speaker should be available commercially in late in the first few months of 2015, depending on when you place an order, as it’s still being developed. You can donate at the source link below to eventually have one shipped out to you when the product releases, which should be in December this year. It’s important to remember you will receive the device as early as possible if you pledge as soon as possible via crowdfunding.

Source: Om/One Website

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