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Panasonic Unveils its 2012 Range of LED and Plasma TVs – First Passive 3D Models Included

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Today marks the start of Panasonic’s European Convention event in Hamburg, Germany, where the company plans to show off some of its new products for 2012. First up on the agenda is the TV portfolio, with Panny announcing no fewer than 12 new models that will be out this year.

Panasonic’s 2012 lineup will include 6 new Plasma and 6 new LED models in total, ranging in size, price and specifications. The company hasn’t elaborated on the price or some of the model numbers, but there are definitely some great pieces of telly tech on the way.

The six Plasma models range in size from 42-inches all the way up to a beastly 65-inch model, the TX-P65VT50. This beauty is the flagship model in the new VT50 series; a range of televisions which are both Full HD and Active 3D. This range also packs Panasonic’s utterly brilliant Infinite Black Pro screen panel combined with a 2500Hz focused field drive to provide a stunning picture with deep blacks and vivid colours. These models will also feature inbuilt Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, giving access to ‘Smart’ features such as apps and on-demand video content. Bluetooth and DLNA complete the wireless connectivity options, giving users the ability to play content wirelessly on the TVs from other smart devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

This range will feature a new, classy slim design with a new stand style finished in silver. Being the flagship range, the VT50 line comes with the latest gadgetry. These models also come with a swanky new touchpad remote control, as pictured below.

2012 will see the launch of Panasonic’s first televisions to use Passive 3D, the cheaper alternative to Active 3D. With Passive 3D, the glasses required are much cheaper as they do not require a charge in order to constantly flicker to create the 3D effect. Panasonic’s first model to use this tech will be the XT50 range, which will comprise of 42 and 50-inch models.

All models should become available in the UK starting next month. Prices haven’t yet been confirmed, but we’ll keep you updated on anything we hear.

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Via: What Hi-Fi