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Pokemon GO – Windows 10 Users Still Out of Pocket

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The trainers are off the starting lines and already at full speed, Pokemon are being captured every waking moment across the planet and yet, unfortunately, some are feeling left out.

When Pokemon GO was released for both Android and iOS, thousands of Pokemon fans cheered but the quiet corner were holding Windows 10 phones and looking a little dejected.

Obviously Nintendo have their reasons for this, one of them probably being the XBOX is one of their largest competitors. But this does not really help the Windows 10 phone fans.

Microsoft announced last year that they were working on porting Android apps to Windows 10 phones and named it Project Astoria, unfortunately in the early part of 2016 they also announced they would be pulling the plug on the Android bridge for windows 10.

So, what can Windows 10 phone users do about this Pokemon problem? To be perfectly honest, not a lot at present.

There are options available for using Android apps on a Windows 10 phone but these involve quite a lot of technical know-how and are not guaranteed to always work.  All you can really do at the moment is sign the petition and hope that Niantic and Nintendo are listening.

Needless to say, if we hear of anything more about this issue and Pokemon GO then we will do our best to inform.